Produkt zum Behandeln von Feinsteinzeug-Belägen, Granit oder anderen mineralischen rutschigen Oberflächen. Macht Keramik und Steinflächen rutschsicher.

anti-slip is a product for treating porcelain stoneware, granite or other slippery mineral surfaces. First test the materials for effect and treatment time. The product makes irreversible non-slip and can lighten and roughen the surface (especially dark ones).

Application areas

Treatment agent for porcelain stoneware, granite or other mineral surfaces. Makes slippery coverings, especially when wet, non-slip.


Use undiluted.

Instructions for use

Clean floor with alkaline stripper (e.g. strip-forte) 5-10%, suck off and let dry. Prepare a double amount of the product and use the rest for neutralization after the application of anti-slip.

By a test the desired exposure time (reaction time in minutes) is to be determined primarily. This varies depending on the material and the desired slip resistance.

Then apply anti-slip undiluted and evenly to the surface to be treated with a clean mop or wipe. Product must not dry out and should be moved and redistributed during the exposure time. Possibly add product to ensure a clear moisture film. Avoid foam. After the previously determined exposure time, this must be stopped by evenly distributing the basic cleaning solution (neutralization). Then vacuum the surface and rinse with water. 

Uniform processing of the product determines the overall appearance of the processed surface. Always work in sections of approx. 10 m2.

Special advice

The instructions in the safety data sheet must be observed.

To maintain and preserve the anti-slip effect, we recommend not to use any wiping care product or products containing wax or any other building up substances.

Protect all adjoining surfaces from product contact. 

The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data

Storage stability at least 2 years

pH value concentrated: 1

Ingredients inorganic salts, non-ionic surfactants, acid, water

Specific References