gumex spray

Freezing spray for the removal of chewing gum residue. Cooling effect down to -45°C.

Combination of organic propellants for the removal of chewing gum from carpets and other surfaces by deep freezing effect. By cooling down, the adhesiveness of all chewing gum types is reduced, which allows removal.

Application areas

For the removal of chewing gum from carpets and other surfaces.


Apply directly.

Instructions for use

For chewing gum removal, apply the product direct onto the chewing gum. Use a spatula (plastic) to remove. Carefully dispose of the removed chewing gum.

Special advice

Test the colourfastness and solvent-resistance of carpets and other surfaces in an inconspicuous place before use.
While working ensure a good indoor ventilation.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data

Storage stability: at least 2 years
Storage: store in a cool, safe place. Extremely flammable.
Ingredients: mixture of water-insoluble hydrocarbons (not halogenated propellants)

Specific References