Closettbeize Turbo

Special toilet stripper. For removing urine scale and limescale residues from the porcelain of toilet bowls and urinals.

Special toilet deep-cleaner in liquid form for quick and effective removal of stubborn limescale and urine scale. For toilet bowls and urinals.

Application areas

For toilets and urinals.


Apply in undiluted form, allow to take effect and rinse. For stubborn deposits, repeat treatment several times using a small amount of the product and subsequently rinse.

Special advice

Never use on acid-sensitive surfaces, such as metal (stainless steel), natural stone (slate, travertine, Solnhofen limestone, marble) or artificial stone (terrazzo) and enamel.
Note: Wear safety goggles and gloves! Please read the information provided in the EU safety data sheet.
Causes damage to chrome fittings and metal elements!
The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage resulting from the inappropriate use of this product.

Technical data

Minimum shelf life: 2 years
Storage: Store in a tightly sealed container and at room temperature
pH (in concentrated form): 0.5/1% solution: 2
Constituents: Inorganic acid, water


Art. No.


Carton à

Pallet à


750ml – Bottle

12 x 750ml

52 Cartons

 Article no. refers to the individual container. (Bottle, canister, bucket, can, barrel, cubitainer)


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