PROSAN Green Power

Very active sanitary maintenance cleaner based on methane sulphonic acid, non-damaging to materials. Removes limescale and soiling thoroughly and quickly. Gentle on fittings and metal surfaces. Pleasant fragrance.

Highly active, material-friendly sanitary maintenance cleaner based on methane sulfonic acid. Removes lime scale and dirt thoroughly and quickly. Protects the fittings and metallic surfaces. Does not cause corrosive vapours. 

Application areas
For acid-resistant tiles, fittings, sanitary porcelain, chrome, chrome steel, plastic, wash-basins, stone ware, rubber and grained rubber coverings. 

Spray undiluted on fittings, washbasins and other utensils.
For large surface areas add 10-30 ml to 4l water (0.25 -0.75%).

Instructions for use
Wipe fittings, washbasins and other utensils with a damp sponge or cloth. Rinse with water.For large surface areas apply solution, treat stubborn soiling with a cleaning pad and re-move solution. Rinse with clear water. Suitable for manual and mechanical use. 

Product consumption
10 l solution for 40 - 100 m²

Special advice
Rinse acid-sensitive joints with water before use. Wear gloves in the case of prolonged contact or sensitive skin. Not suitable for limestone (slate, travertine, Solnhofer, marble) and synthetic stone (ter-razzo). Test whether enamel and glazed tiles are acid-resistant. In the case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data
Storage stability                               at least two years
pH value                                           concentrated: 0.5 / 1% solution: 2.5
Ingredients                                       organic acid, surfactants, perfume, colour, water

Specific References