Neutral cleaner. Concentrated. Good foaming. The multi-purpose grease cutter. Also suitable for daily manual washing. Economical in use.

Concentrated washing-up liquid and versatile degreaser. Gentle, neutral and economical. For gloss-clear dishes without drying up. More than a washing-up liquid: can be used wherever water is used for cleaning. Well-foaming. For manual use.

Application areas

Buildings: Floors, stairs, synthetic surfaces, lacquered and painted surfaces, tiles.

Kitchen: Kitchenware, crockery, glassware, sinks, tiles, tables, cup-boards, hob surfaces, refrigerators, doors, door and window frames, kitchen equipment.

Bathroom: toilet, shower, bath tubs, toilet bowls, washbasins, tiles, fittings.


Add 1 - 3 splashes (15 - 50 g) to 10 l water or apply undiluted to a wet sponge.

Instructions for use

Manual application.
Allow to act when treating stubborn soiling.

Product consumption

1 l concentrate yields 200 - 600 l solution.
10 l solution for approximately 100 m2.

Special advice

Wash walls from the bottom to the top to avoid water streaks / runs.
Test the colourfastness of lacquered or painted walls and surfaces in an inconspicuous place before use.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data

Storage stability: at least 2 years
pH value (concentrated): 8
pH value (1% solution): 7
Ingredients: anionic and non-ionic surfactants, organic solvents, perfume, preservative, dye

Specific References