Cleaner F-21

Reiniger F-21

Solvent-free oil and grease remover specifically for industrial use. For machine cleaning in industry, trade workshops, etc.

Concentrated, liquid cleaner and degreaser for floors, fittings, machines and tools. Good emulsification of animal and vegetable fats. Suitable for machine, manual and pressure machine application. 

Application areas

For the engineering industry, foundries, garages and kitchens.
For all water-resistant floor coverings, covers and tools.


Add 3 – 20 dl to 10 l hand-hot water, depending on soiling.

Instructions for use

Warm water improves the cleaning effect.
For floors: Apply solution, scrub and remove soiled solution with a wet vacuum cleaner.
Allow to act in case of heavy soiling.

Product consumption

10 l solution for 30 – 80 m2.

Special advice

The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data

Storage stability: at least 2 years
pH value (concentrated): 7.5
pH value (1% solution): 7
Ingredients: surfactants, dye, perfume, preservative, water

Specific References