Blackboard cleaner. Cleans even heavily-used blackboard surfaces, dissolves chalk, thorough but gentle.

Blackboard cleaner; also cleans heavily used blackboards, dissolves chalk thoroughly yet without damaging surfaces.

Application areas

For blackboards.


Apply in undiluted form (ready to use).

Instructions for use

First clean the board with cold, clean water, then spray on product from a distance of 30 cm and rub in thoroughly using a sponge pad. Allow to take effect for 10 minutes. Never allow the product to dry on writing surfaces.
The surface must always be wet! Then wash down the blackboard surfaces thoroughly using cold water. Wipe dry with a board eraser or cloth.
Note: Never write on the blackboard surface while it is still wet.

Special advice

The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage resulting from the inappropriate use of this product.

Technical data

Minimum shelf life: 2 years
pH (in concentrated form): 9.5
Constituents: Surfactants, solvents, phosphates, water

Specific References