stone 800

Special solidifying agent for cement-based floorings and paving. Absorbent and powdery cement-bound concrete or screed subsurfaces indoors and outdoors can be bound and

1-component, low-alkaline silicate solution with a fixing effect. With stone 800 extremely absorbent and flouring cement based concrete or screed surfaces, conventional and anhydrite floors, are solidified in indoor and outdoor area. The original appearance of the surface is largely maintained.


Concrete or screed surfaces, conventional and anhydrite floors in indoors and outdoors area


Use undiluted.


Depending on absorbency 100 - 250 ml/m²

Instructions for use

Apply undiluted using a brush or roller to saturation.
Ponding should be avoided, as otherwise shiny, darker spots result.
Applicable also by spray method.

Important information

Protect the treated surfaces at least 24 hours against rain and moisture when used outdoor.
Not suitable for coatings based reactive resin!
Glass and aluminum should not come into contact with stone 800.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical information

Shelf life: minimum 24 months
Storage: dry in original packing
pH value (concentrate): 13
Ingredients: silicate

Specific References