Alcohol-based cleaner with a pleasant scent. Dries streak-free. Multi-purpose.

Low-foaming cleanser with additional power of alcohol. Applicable wherever water is used for cleaning. Suitable for manual, machine and mop application. Completely effective even with hard water. Dries without leaving streaks. Fresh scent.

Application areas

For all washable surfaces; particularly for floors, stairs, plastic surfaces, lacquered or painted surfaces, fittings and the entire sanitary area.


Add 2 – 3 dl to 10 l water.

Instructions for use

Floors: Apply solution. Scrub. Remove soiled solution with a wet vacuum cleaner or mop.
Walls, objects: Wash with solution. Wipe with a well-wrung cloth.

Product consumption

10 l solution for 40 – 100 m2

Special advice

Wash walls from the bottom to the top to avoid water streaks / runs.
Test the colourfastness of painted and lacquered surfaces in an inconspicuous place before the application.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data

Storage stability: at least 2 years
pH value (concentrated): 8
pH value (1% solution): 7
Ingredients: non-ionic surfactants, organic solvents, dye, perfume, preservative, water

Specific References