KESAG Spezial Kegelbahngleitwachs

Skittle and bowling alley maintenance for optimal lane conditions. Suitable for asphalt, wood and synthetics.

KESAG Spezial Kegelbahngleitwachs

Suitable for asphalt, wood and plastic surfaces. Is free of acids and solvents. The emulsion is self-shining, tough-elastic and tread-resistant. The product is ideally suited for the maintenance of skittle alleys.

Application areas

For asphalt, wood and plastic surfaces.


Apply concentrated, distribute very thinly.

Instructions for use

Spray skittle lane glide wax sparingly onto the cleaned and dry surface of the skittle lane using a pressure sprayer. The wax can also be applied with a sponge and waxing device. After 10 to 20 minutes drying time, the lane is ready to play.

Product consumption

20 - 40 g per m2

Special advice

Wash the applicator with water after use. Protect from frost.

The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data

Storage stability at least 2 years

Storage do not store below 0°C

pH value concentrated: 7

Ingredients waxes, non-ionic surfactants, preservatives

Specific References