Ideal maintenance product for sealed and unsealed parquet. Can be applied undiluted or, for regular wiping, diluted. Ideal for damaged and worn parquet. Provides a silky matt shine.

Maintenance product for wiping parquet. Cleans, maintains and makes the surface shine at once. Provides a silky gleaming protective film. Apply concentrated for complete floor care.

Application areas

For sealed and unsealed parquet, cork and wooden floors.


Maintenance cleaning: 200 - 400 ml for 10 l water.
Complete care: Apply undiluted.

Instructions for use

Apply the product very sparingly with a mop or a cloth.
Do not apply the product directly to unsealed wooden floors.
Remove surplus product / solution as quickly as possible.
For complete care, the floor has to be clean and dry. Wet wipe if necessary.
Apply 1 coat to sealed floors and 2 to unsealed floors.
Allow to dry for 60 minutes before applying the next coat. Do not apply to many coats.

Product consumption

30 - 50 g solution per m2

Special advice

Test wooden floors with unknown properties in an inconspicuous place before applying the product.
For sensitive floors, it is recommended to apply the product with a spray device.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data

Storage stability: at least 2 years
pH value (concentrated): 6
pH value (1% solution): 7
Storage: do not store below 0°C / store in the original container
Ingredients: maintenance waxes

Specific References