Acid in powder form for the removal of cement residue on clay tiles, clinker bricks, and acid-proof stone floor coverings.

Powdery mineral acid dissolved in water. Extremely fast acting. Removes cement films, blistering / blooming and lime scale residues. Does not cause corrosive fumes. User-friendly because it does not affect respiratory organs.

Application areas

For terracotta tiles, clinker bricks, stone tiles, quartzite, granite.


Add 0.5 – 1 kg to 10 l lukewarm water (5 - 10%). Stir.

Instructions for use

Moisten cement joints and absorbent terracotta tiles with water.
Pour solution onto the floor.
Spread solution evenly.
Allow to act.
Scrub manually or with a machine (treat only small sections at a time).
Remove soiled solution with a wet vacuum cleaner or mop.
Rinse with a 1% sodium carbonate solution (neutralisation).
Remove with wet vacuum cleaner or mop.

Product consumption

10 l solution for 20 - 40 m2.

Special advice

Do not bring product into contact with metal (danger of corrosion).
Not suitable for limestone (travertine, Solnhofer, marble, slate) and synthetic stone (terrazzo).
Test acid-resistance of glazed clinker bricks, terracotta and tiles in an inconspicuous place.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.
Note warnings on the container.

Technical data

Storage stability: unlimited if dry
Storage: store dry
pH value (10% solution): 0.8

Specific References