ECO pramex

Rapid descaler for all household appliances (coffee machines, irons, pans, humidifiers). Odour-free – gentle – ready-to-use. Works much faster than vinegar!

Liquid cleaner for the fast and effective removal of lime scale deposits. Much more gentle and faster than vinegar.

Application areas

Descaler for all acid-resistant surfaces.

For coffee machines, pans, water cookers, humidifiers, chrome steel taps and sinks, im-mersion heaters, irons and dishwashers.

Also suitable for cleaning surfaces in sanitary areas.


Depending on lime scale deposits concentrated or diluted (add 250 ml ECO pramex to 500 ml water).

Instructions for use

Fill machines with ECO pramex-solution, place objects in a filled glass vessel and allow to act for 1 hour.

Treat surfaces with a soaked cloth or sponge. Rinse all descaled surfaces and utensils with plenty of tap water.

Special advice

Not applicable on limestone (slate, travertine, marble, Solnhofer, terrazzo). Check enamel and glazed tiles for acid resistance. Wet non-acid-resistant joint material with water. Follow the dosage instructions. Correct dosing reduces water consumption and water pollution. Dispose of the contents / container in accordance with local / regional / national / international regulations.The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data

Storage stability at least 2 years

Storage store in the original container

pH Value 1.0

Ingredients organic acids, nonionic surfactants, water

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