germex mano plus

Ready-to-use product for hygienic disinfection of the
hands. Effective within 30 – 60 seconds. Contains gentle
and lipid-replenishing additives for excellent skin protection.

germex mano plus is a preparation for hygienic disinfection of the hands. Contains nourishing and lipid regulating additives for skin protection.

Registration details

Switzerland: CHZN3041
Germany: BAuA [Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health] Reg. No.: N-51526


For hygienic disinfection of the hands and general prophylactic use.


Microorganism: Required exposure time:
Bactericidal: common gram-positive and negative 
Bacteria 30 s
Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter 30 s
Fungicidal: Candida 30 s
Mycobactericidal 60 s
Viruses (influenza viruses) 30 s

Antiviral efficacy:
The alcohol present in the product rapidly inactivates influenza viruses (enveloped viruses, such as H1N1).


Apply in undiluted form.

Instructions for use

Apply 3 ml germex mano plus in undiluted form to the hands (after previous washing, if appropriate).
Continue to rub hands together vigorously for 30 - 90 seconds.
Rub tips of fingers in the palm of the other hand and interlock fingers to ensure the disinfectant is distributed over the entire hand surfaces.


Approximately 2 - 3 ml per disinfection process.

Important information

Hand disinfectants containing alcohol place additional stress on the skin.
It is advisable to apply a suitable skin emollient to the hands at regular intervals.

Technical information

Shelf life: 5 years
Storage: Store at room temperature and always protect from direct sunlight
pH value (concentrated product): approx. 7
Composition/Active substances: 64% ethanol and 8% isopropyl alcohol (64 g ethanol/100 g and 8 g isopropyl alcohol/100 g) 70 Vol% Ethanol + 8.8 Vol% Propan-2-ol.

Specific References