germex spray

Ready-to-use rapid alcohol-based disinfectant for the fast elimination of germs on equipment and surfaces. No rinsing required. Also suitable for kitchen areas.

germex Spray is a surface disinfectant.

Registration details

Switzerland: CHZB1973
Germany: BAuA [Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health] Reg. No.: N-38173


For the disinfection of surfaces in schools, offices, private homes, the foodstuffs processing industry, kitchens and the catering industry;
can be applied to floors, machinery, tool elements and coverings.
Can be used on all washable surfaces.


Microorganism: Required Exposure Time:
Bactericidal: common gram-positive and negative 30 s
Bacteria 30 s
Salmonella, Listeria 30 s
Campylobacter 30 s
Fungicidal: Candida 30 s
Mycobactericidal 60 s

Antiviral efficacy: The alcohol present in the product rapidly inactivates influenza viruses (enveloped viruses, such as H1N1).


Apply in undiluted form.

Instructions for use

Apply germex Spray in undiluted form directly onto previously cleaned surfaces, equipment, machines and work tools.
The treated surfaces must remain moist over the entire required exposure time.
Use only in well-ventilated rooms.


Approximately 30 - 50 ml per m2.

Important information

Apply only to small surface areas. Use only in well-ventilated rooms.
Apply only to alcohol-resistant surfaces.
When in doubt, test first on an inconspicuous site.
The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage resulting from the inappropriate use of this product.

Technical information

Shelf life: 5 years
Storage: Store at room temperature and always protect from direct sunlight
pH value (concentrated product): approx. 7
Composition/Active substances: 64% ethanol and 8% isopropyl alcohol (64 g ethanol/100 g and 8 g isopropyl alcohol/100 g) 70 Vol% Ethanol + 8.8 Vol% Propan-2-ol.

Specific References