germex tabs

Bleaching cleaner in tablet form. For toilet siphons, mops, white laundry, etc.

Cleansing product in tablet form. Versatile application: strong disinfectant and bleaching effect. Removes even dirt which cannot or only insufficiently be treated with traditional cleaners. Bleachable soiling like tea, coffee, juice or wine spots as well as discolouring because of mildew and mould are easily removed. The tablet form facilitates dosage.

Application areas

For all water-resistant surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and sanitary areas.


Dissolve 1 - 2 tablets in 2 - 5 l water, depending on the soiling.

Instructions for use

Apply the solution to the surface with a cloth, sponge or paintbrush.
Allow to act for some minutes and rinse carefully with water.
Soak small objects in the solution for some minutes.

Special advice

The solution has a bleaching effect and can change the colour of sensitive materials (e.g. textiles).
Test the colourfastness of the materials in an inconspicuous place before use.
The product must not be mixed with acid cleaners or acids.
Observe the EU safety data sheet.
Store out of reach of children.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical data

Storage stability: at least 2 years / depending on storage conditions
Storage: store in a cool place / store in the original container
Ingredients: active chlorine, stabilisers, tablet agents

Specific References