CarWash ActiveFoam Fruit 76

High-yield fragrance foam that ensures thorough cleaning yet is gentle on paintwork.

High-yield fragrance foam that ensures thorough cleaning yet is gentle on paintwork. Extremely gentle on surfaces. Disperses a pleasant fragrance in the washing bay during use. NTA- and phosphate-free.

Application areas

Can be applied in self-service car washes/car wash facilities by foam brushes or by low-pressure pre-spraying and in automatic car wash foaming systems.


The product can be fed into the foam systems of automatic car washes via a dosing pump in a concentrated form or pre-diluted up to 1:10. In self-service car washes, for low-pressure pre-spray application and for application with foam brushes, the product can be diluted up to 1:20.


In automatic car washes, use approx. 5-10 ml of concentrate per vehicle.

Special advice

Keep the container closed. The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage resulting from the inappropriate use of this product.

Technical data

Minimum shelf life: 2 years
Storage: -
pH (in concentrated form): approx. 9
Constituents: Water, non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, fragrances, colourants, preservatives

Specific References